Sunday, March 11, 2012


So, by request of a few of you, I've reluctantly decided to start a weekly blogg.  I am very new to this and so as we go along I'm sure you'll see an evoluton of the use of fonts, videos, tables and photos but for right now it may be pretty plain!
As for my first post I've thought I'd do a short biography of myself and how I came to be a trainer! As for the weekly installments, I am planning on focusing on various topics and basically just expanding on everything we talk about in our short time together during our training sessions.

I was born in Hamilton, New Zealand and was raised in Melbourne, Australia. It was there where I began sports. I began to play basketball as age 6 and had stints in cross country and high jump all throughout school, I also played Australian Rules Football for a couple of years from ages 10-12. Basketball however was the sport I became obsessed with and had a very successful juniour career playing all over the Southern and Eastern Coast of Australia. I stopped playing when I moved to the United States at age 18 and then got back into it a couple of years ago before being picked up for a New Zealand Professional team: the Manawatu Jets for the 2011 season.  My basketball experience throughout my life has been invaluable to me and I loved every time I stepped onto the court.  My introduction into weight lifting came by way of my father at around age 9. Before a basketball game one time, my dad wanted me to be more aggressive and used an exercise to simulate pulling down a rebound. In our garage (and then eventually in our house) we had a small gym and the exercise he had me doing was a reverse grip Lat Pulldown. I remember feeling stronger and more confident on the basketball court that night and as a result I fell in love with working out.

Just like all of you, I have been really committed to working out and had phases where I was a little lazy and my results were based upon my efforts.  My fitness goals-especially throughout adolescence-varied depending on my influences in friends and media. Some years I was obsessed with Michael Jordan and modelled my training after him and then other years were influenced more by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvestor Stallone and various WWE characters. 
No matter what my goals were and are, I have always loved training and found it to be a sanctuary at times. It is a great stress releiver, confidence booster and a great metaphor for life. 
Probably one of the most improtant lessons I've learned from training though, is no matter what; have a purpose for training and be passionate about it! 
I would not only love to continue to educate all of you through this blogg but love for you all to ask any questions you may have aswell as comunicate with eachother and inspire eachother!
So be sure to check in every week!

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